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Metronome program DiffM


From this page you may download MacOSX binary for program DiffM. It is Metronome program which has full standard set of capabilities and few usefull features:
  • Smoothly ajustable speed of drums
  • Different drums for halfs, quarters, eighths (minims, crotchets, quavers...)
  • Different rythms underlined by stresses
  • Ajustable standard pitches may be added to pulses so that you may tune your instrument easely
  • Nice interface
The program available from this page is for MacOSX, but since it is written in java, it can be easely installed on any other platform like different flavours of Linux or Windows. If you are interested, please enquire. Please remember, this is shareware program, although it costs only $5, which implements that you never see annoying reminder after paying, and receive all updates for free. This program is free for all registered users of Diffreader

This screenshot of the program window explains why there is no need for any manual ;) :

This is how the user may ajust the program settings: